Types of Transcription Service

Transcribing an interview helps business owners go back over meetings and other important events without listening to or watching the clip. Studying the information transcribed from an interview is oftentimes used as a growth tool for these people.  It’s definitely beneficial that you contact a professional transcriber to request additional information about transcribing interviews white plains ny.

What is Transcription Service?

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Transcribers can convert an audio or a video file into a written format that an individual can read whenever necessary. But, transcription isn’t quite so simple.  A professional can understand the words on the video or audio file that might be hard to understand or ineligible to the ear. Missing out on this information can be costly to a business owner, but thanks to their service, it’s not a concern any longer.

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription is one of the transcription options. This is the hardest of the transcription techniques and usually takes the longest time to complete. However, when every word and bit of emotion is needed, verbatim transcription is the best option. Mumbled voices, background noises, and difficult sentences are no match for the professional transcriptionists who provide verbatim transcription. In a nutshell, verbatim transaction is an exact replica of the file.

Edited Transcription

Edited transcriptions are another form of transcription provided by professionals. The transcriber can omit specific parts of the file during this transcription service. However, the information that is omitted does not change the meaning or the definition of the sentence. The recording doesn’t change.  It can be time consuming to transcribe this type of file, since the transcriber must gain both an understanding of the information they hear as well as the purpose of the content to complete the work.

Intelligent Transcription

Intelligent transcription is also available. This transcription includes words, but does not include half-sentenced, emotions, or speech that is unintelligible. The transcribed document is clean and clear so the reader can easily get to the point of the matter without reading needless information.  The transcriber must also understand the message that is being conveyed in the audio or video file.